Saturday, December 15, 2012

MRI & Bulging Disc

I have some very exciting results to report.

MRI is negative! Woohoo. Check that off the list.


Date/Time: 12/10/2012 11:40
INDICATION: Multiple myeloma with back pain. Additional history
from longitudinal medical record indicates that the patient has
MGUS. Pain radiating down the back of the left leg has bothered
her since a bone marrow biopsy in July 2012.

COMPARISON STUDY: PET CT of 8/23/2012 and 12/30/2009..

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal and axial T1and T2 weighted images of the
lumbar spine were performed. Sagittal STIR images were performed.


Alignment: Vertebral body heights and alignment are maintained..

Marrow: Free from infiltrating disease.

Conus: Normal signal and contour . Terminates at L1-L2.

T12-L1: Negative for significant abnormality.

L1-L2: Negative for significant abnormality.

L2-L3: Negative for significant abnormality.

L3-L4: Negative for significant abnormality.

L4-L5: Negative for significant abnormality.

L5-S1: Mild broad-based posterior disc bulge without significant
central spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing..

IMPRESSION: No evidence of infiltrative disease in the lumbar

INCIDENTAL FINDINGS: Mild posterior disc bulge at L5-S1 without
significant stenosis.

This "incidental" finding  is extremely strange to me.

I have a mild posterior disc bulge (L5-S1). How the heck did that happen?

Ever since my biopsy in July I have had pain down the back of my left leg mostly when sitting and bending at the waist. I just assumed it was nerve damage since the onset of pain was during and right after the biopsy.

I don't really have lower back pain. Well, I maybe I do? I thought the pain was all biopsy related. Maybe I've had this bulged disc for a while and didn't know it? Maybe my crazy, almost daily, classes at the gym caused it? Maybe my leg pain is a combination of nerve damage from the biopsy and this bulging disc? Who knows. Now I feel like I have lower back pain because I know there is something technically wrong with it. Ha. Such a hypochondriac.

The shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut really hit close to home for me yesterday as I am second grade teacher in Massachusetts. This type of tragic event has been repeated too many times at schools, malls, and even at a movie theater here in the United States. At my school we practice lockdown drills and the outside doors are locked with a security system. But like in Connecticut, sometimes these actions are clearly not enough. Obviously, access to guns is the real issue. Lack of values and morals is the issue. Movies, TV shows, and video games glorify violence. I am thankful for my students and the privilege to work with them every day. I can’t even imagine what the families and surviving children and staff members in CT are going through.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Life is precious - I am so thankful for a negative MRI, my family, and friends. I am very blessed.


  1. Elizabeth,
    That is great news! Your disc bulge is not that uncommon, people who have done any type lifting of any significant weight over 50 lbs. might have one! So do not worry about that.... if you can find a physical therapist to recommend, if possible, an exercise to alleviate the pressure on the disc.
    Also those Inversion-chairs they advertise on TV are great. I have a friend with Scoliosis, (sic) and his gives him great relief. Good Luck on tuesday with the rest of the test results!

    1. Thanks so much Keith! One of my good friends who is a PT is going to give me some exercises for my back and leg which will hopefully help!