Tuesday, May 21, 2013

$100,000 here, $100,000 there...

As I am a patient at Dana Farber, I get a lot of newsletters and mail from them. One newsletter I received the other day had an article about Dr. R.

The basic gist of the article was that a multiple myeloma patient Dr. R has had (since 1993...!!!) recently decided to give him $100,000 to support his research. Wow!

Wouldn't it be nice to be rich? :)

The husband of the patient was quoted saying, "Causes don't raise money. People do. It was our absolute pleasure to support him, and our only hope is that when others learn of our gift, they too might be inspired to give what they can."


  1. Elizabeth,
    I planned, if I had won the 600 million to give almost all of it... to Myeloma Research, but alas, I did not win!....my only contribution is my body to clinical trials... and it is UAMS Myeloma Institutes!

    1. Hey, I think that counts as a pretty darn good contribution! :)