Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mind Body Update

In August I posted about a clinical trial commencing this fall in Boston at Mass General / The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine - Mind Body Medicine for MGUS and Smoldering Multiple Myeloma. Dr. R had recommended I try to enroll as it would be "great for me."

Hmmm...say what? Me stressed?! No way.

This research study is a supportive care trial evaluating the effectiveness of a mind body medicine intervention called the Relaxation Response Resiliency Program (3RP) on stress and stress related symptoms in patients with MGUS and SMM. Data from this study will also be used to assess changes in gene expression that result from 3RP intervention, particularly genetic pathways that are known to be dysregulated in multiple myeloma. You can read more about the study here:

Mind Body Medicine and MGUS and SMM: A Promising New Approach

Well, I am happy to report that I have been accepted into this research study. I’m super pumped. The study is randomized - participants are randomly selected to be in either the “immediate" group - which means they go through the 8 week 3RP program at time of sign up, starting at the end of October - or the “wait list” group which means they go through the 3RP program starting in January.

I’m a tad bummed because I was selected to be in the “wait” group – I need some mind/body medicine now! January seems so far away. Oh well…luck of the draw. Like flipping a coin. The study is enrolling ~96 participants AND…drum roll please… I was the FIRST person to sign up! Participant #1. True story.

This is the Clinical Trial Listing:


  1. Elizabeth,
    Relaxation and stress reduction is something all of us need , who are "watchful wating". Watchful waiting is getting real old! If you get any tips, ideas about relaxation techniques , please post these. I am trying to seek some relaxation/ meditation from a retreat I am taking in November. I am going to the Abbey of Gethsamini in KY. It is an open/unguided/unstructured retreat where anyone , male of female can attend. All they ask is for retreatants to observe silence and speak only in designated areas. They provide a clean comfortable secluded room, with private bath ,food and 2000 acres of woodlands where one can relax and contemplate and meditate. I have talked to people who have went and read many, many reviews and no one had anything other than a profound quiet time alone.
    Thomas Merton, the Catholic monk, who wrote many books and gave lectures on contemplation lived there as a cistecerian for 27 years...... It is not limited to Catholics ..... I am not and even Atheists, like myself are welcome. They do not proselytize or advance their faith!
    I will take photos and post them on my blog and let everyone know how it went.
    Take Care,

    1. Hi Keith,

      I totally agree with you... watchful waiting is so hard! I'm 4 years into this and like you said, it's getting really old. I will definitely be posting about the study...unfortunately I won't be starting the 3RP program until January due to being randomly "wait listed." I'm hoping it will give me a fresh start to the new year. :)

      I hope your retreat is beneficial to you and you are able to have a quiet, reflective, relaxing time. I bet it's beautiful there. I look forward to reading about it and seeing your photos.

      Take care,