Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's all gravy...

Last night J and I were discussing the ups and downs of life and all the changes we are facing as of late. Possibly moving, my health, job loss...

You read that right.  Job loss.  I am getting "bumped" at the end of this school year due to budget cuts/restructuring. Yep. When it rains, it pours. Darn you, teachers unions!

At the end of our conversation J sighs and says, "Well, you know what? It's allllll butter..."


He meant to say, "It's alllll gravy..." meaning, it's all good.

Whatever works. ;)

It's allllll buttahhhh, man. Totally starting that trend.

Anyway. I met with the high risk OB for my second "preconception" consultation. Good times. The med student, resident, and the high-risk OB named Dr. G were all very nice. Gotta love teaching hospitals - I really perfected my response to, "So what brings you here...?" by the third round when I finally got to speak with the real doctor. Dr. G has never had a patient with MGUS, smoldering myeloma, or active myeloma. She said that was to be expected though since the majority of myeloma patients are in their 50s or older and are not having babies.

Dr. G has dealt with patients who have gotten cancer before or during pregnancy and she talked a little bit about the protocol for patients with cancer. Pregnancy in itself is a immunosuppressed state and women who are pregnant are more susceptible to a lot of things. For my situation, it would really be a "TEAM" approach between maternal fetal medicine (Dr. G or whoever ends up being my OB) and Dr. R at Dana-Farber. They would work together to monitor me throughout my pregnancy. And, if things were to start to progress during the pregnancy they would work together to determine what medication I could take that would be safe for the baby and how early I could deliver, if needed.

Overall, the appointment was sort of a "nonevent" since a lot of this I already knew. And, of course, she really couldn't pin-point my degree of "risk" since there isn't much research in this area.

And finally, unfortunately, there was no recommendation for J to buy me diamonds like at my previous preconception appointment. Bummer! However, she did say, "If things are stable in December, I wouldn't delay. I hope to see you back here soon." Yippeee.

It's all buttah... :)

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