Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Perinatologist - another "ologist" to add to the list!

I have an appointment with a "high risk" OB on Monday. These particular doctors who practice Maternal-Fetal Medicine are also known as perinatologists. This is a subspecialty to obstetrics and gyncology  mainly used for patients with high-risk pregnancies.

Side note: I have been starting to keep track of all the different "ologists" I have been to.

So far: hematologist/oncologist, dermatologist, opthamologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, gyncologist and now - perinatologist. Crazy.

Anyway, right before my biopsy this summer, I went to see a nice, good, old, "regular" OB for a preconception appointment.

I told the doctor I had a diagnosis of MGUS and she nodded her head and said, "Ohh okay. I've had patients with that. *long pause* Uh, but, remind me exactly what that is again?"

Right... Not helpful!

While going through my list, "Questions You Should Ask At A Preconception Appointment (heh)" - that I had printed off the Internet, I came to the question, "What can my husband do to increase our chances of conceiving?" She responded, "Treat you like a queen and buy you diamonds!"

Funny, sure. Helpful, no. I guess this doctor was trying to lighten up the mildly hysterical person in front of her who was reading a list of 30+ questions from "the bump" dot com. Regardless, I decided that I liked this witty, regular OB. Plus, she said she thought I would be FINE to have kids. Sweet.

Then, in July, after pregnancy plans were shown a big huge STOP sign until December (or indefinitely...), I was advised to go for yet another preconception appointment, this time with a perinatologist.  We'll see if this doctor has heard of MGUS and has tips and suggestions other than J buying me diamonds. Not that I am opposed to him buying me diamonds, of course.

Should be interesting.

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