Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick, quick, turn around... in more ways than one.

Last week, as J and I walked into Reagan National to fly back to Boston, I realized I had left my gloves on the NIH shuttle.


I decided it was a lost cause. Literally and figuratively. Oh well.

The day after we returned from Bethesda, J decided to try, on a whim, to call the NIH transportation desk to see if my gloves were found. And, surprisingly, they were still in the shuttle! I contacted the myeloma research nurse who said she would send them to me. Annnnnd... here they are.

Super quick turn around. Very nice people they have down there in Bethesda.

And, most importantly, I have the preliminary results of my bone marrow biopsy from last week. Another quick turn around.  Drum roll please...

5-10% plasma cells!


So, let's recap. I have had three, THREE, bone marrow biopsies since July 2012. Every time... a different reading. The results have been 10%, 10-15%, and now 5-10% plasma cells.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, patchy cells.

But. I'm thrilled, obviously.

Third time's a charm? :)


  1. That is great news!!!! I too have had varying BMB plasma cells counts. 1st 10 percent, 2nd 4%,
    3rd 12.5 % 4th I don't remember!!! 5th was 5-6 percent..... so they vary... like drilling for oil
    You should be thrilled for the low amount and live it up and party!

    1. Crazy patchy cells! Just curious, if your BMBs have ranged from 4-12.5% plasma cells, are you classified as MGUS or smoldering? Thanks so much, I am definitely excited!

  2. It is definitely smoldering for the spotty nature of the cell in the BMB and because of my Osteopenia/ bone loss of the C.R.A. B. definitions. Have a great weekend!