Monday, January 13, 2014

TED Talk: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

I love TED talks. I found this talk featuring Andy Puddicombe which compliments what I'm learning in the mind body supportive care trial for smoldering myeloma. It's definitely worth watching and it's short... less than 10 minutes! ;)


  1. Hi Elzabeth, I don't know if you have checked out my recent blog entries on SMM, but there is progress on deciding when or if to treat SMM. The ASH results I reported on in my Dec. 16 post show clinical indicators of when it makes sense to treat SMM early rather than wait. I also updated my blog today with another article that uses gene profiling to identify high-risk patients who might be eligible for early intervention. I just thought you might find these of interest if you haven't seen them yet. Regards, Bill

  2. Hi Bill! Hope you are doing well. I will definitely have to catch on your blog. I have seen the some of the newly released information re: treating SMM. Very exciting! Take care, Elizabeth